Info & Rules

Information and Rules
  • Venue: Football Island (see map).
  • Match Day: Wednesday evening (1st division) / Tuesday evening (2nd division)
  • Format: 6-a-side (1 keeper and 5 outfield players).
  • Points: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.
  • Match Duration: 2×20 min games with 5 minute breaks.
  • Price: 900 Baht per game per team.


  • Max 12 players per squad throughout an entire season.
  • Max 6 players on the pitch at any given time from each team.
  • Players cannot play for more than one team in the same division.
  • Players are allowed to play for one team in both divisions if desired.
  • Each team is allowed to have one player from another division in their squad.*
  • All Squad players must have a team shirt with number.

*All teams are allowed to use up to 2 players maximum from a higher division. For example, division 02 teams may use 2 players who also play in division 01.


  • Goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball with his hands if it is passed back from a player on the same team. Breaking this rule will effectively lead to an indirect free kick for the opposing team.
  • The goalkeeper shall not kick the ball out of his hands, but must throw or roll the ball to a team player.
  • If the ball has passed the goalline, the goalkeeper will restart the game by kicking the ball from within the penalty area. He may not pick up the ball, or kick it to himself.
  • The goalkeeper must wear a jersey which distinguishes him from all other players.

Delays, Walkovers and Postponed Game Policy

  • Each squad must be able to appear at their given kickoff time, regardless of any missing squad players.
  • The minimum amount of players for each game is 5. Any less players than this, and the opposing team will be handed a 3-0 walkover.
  • If a team fails to appear for a game, the opposing team will be given the option to choose a 3-0 walkover win.
  • If a team appears more than 15 minutes late for kickoff, the opposing team will be given the option to choose a 3-0 walkover win, unless they wish to play the delayed match.
  • Games may be postponed under special circumstances only if the organizer is notified minimum 24 hours before kickoff.
  • Failure to appear will lead to a 3-0 walkover for the other team. If any team fails to show for a match without notifying up front, It may result in your team being removed from the league. You will still be charged the full match fee for the missed game and the remaining fixtures.


Substitutions can be made at any time of the game, but only when the ball is out of play. A players can come off, and then come on again later, something which is popularly called “rolling subs”. Substitutions must occur within the designated team area.


Teams are required to pay the match fee on the same day as the match. If you want to pay later, please notify the organizers (Joe or Karl). Failure to pay will lead to a warning for next match, followed by loss of points and/or dismissal from the league. We do not wish to spend our time accounting or following up on payments, so please handle appropriately.

Other Rules

  • Thow-ins
    Normal throw-ins apply. Although we often play with kick-ins on this pitch, the league will use standard rules of throw-ins.
  • Slide Tackles
    Slide tackles are allowed. However, we follow standard FIFA rules and will discipline dangerous tackles.
  • Penalties
    Standard penalty rules apply. Penalties will be taken approximately 2 meters in front of the current penalty spot, at the referees discretion. *This is because the penalty spot has been mistakingly placed too far away from the goals on this pitch.
  • No Offside!
    There are no offside rules.
  • Ball-to-roof
    If a team kicks the ball into the roof, the opposing team is awarded with a throw-in from the closest sideline where the ball hit the roof.

Cards & Dismissals

  • If a player is shown the yellow card, he is effectively warned. A second yellow card leads to the player having to leave the pitch for the rest of the game. Three yellow cards in total for a single players, means he is banned for the next game before he is legible again.
  • If a player is dismissed with a red card, then he should leave the pitch immediately, and will be banned for one game.

Terms & Conditions

Participating in the league, indemnifies the organizers from any responsibility for personal injury or lost property whilst participating in the organized leagues. Teams are responsible for their own.



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